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Are you looking for therapeutic help in central London?


Hello, and welcome to my website. I am a registered psychoanalyst, psychotherapist and counsellor with over two decades of clinical experience, based in Farringdon, central London EC1, located between the City and the West End.

I specialise in providing in-depth intensive professional help to people who are experiencing emotional difficulties. I also provide clinical supervision to psychotherapists, counsellors and other mental health professionals who are engaged in clinical practice.

Please look around my site to get a sense of the services I provide. You are most welcome to contact me at any time by telephone or email to discuss your situation, or to set up an initial meeting. All communications between us will be treated in confidence, and I attempt to reply to all enquires promptly.


What sort of problems might therapy help me with?

People frequently seek help from me when struggling with emotional problems such as:

  • feeling anxious, depressed, sad or empty
  • coming to terms with losses such as bereavement, separation, or redundancy
  • lacking self-confidence, self-esteem or having feelings of underachievement
  • an inability to make or sustain good relationships
  • repeatedly becoming involved in unsatisfactory or destructive relationships
  • lacking a sense of purpose in life
  • having unresolved issues from the past
  • wanting to come to terms with their sexual identity or orientation

I provide a safe, calm and confidential environment, where you can identify, explore and work through the things that are troubling you.

I specialise in working in-depth with people, providing regular therapeutic sessions up to four times a week on an open-ended basis. The treatment I provide is designed to work with the complex and deep-rooted difficulties which can often occur in life, and in finding a way of living life fully and meaningfully.

Sometimes, these difficulties present themselves in relation to a specific life-problem (like a redundancy or loss), but at other times they register in a less-focussed way, (such as a generalised feeling of anxiety, sadness or emptiness).

Undertaking psychoanalysis or psychotherapy involves a commitment to regular and frequent meetings, and to working on yourself, in order to achieve change. The higher frequency of sessions than once-weekly greatly helps continuity of care of the person seeking help, and allows for a more-sustained and nuanced working through of emotional problems, which are usually complex in origin, and need time to untangle.

If you would like to find out more about my approach to therapy please click here. To find out more about my clinical training and experience please click here.


What to do next?

It is not unusual to feel uncertain or anxious about starting to talk to someone about your difficulties. An experienced practitioner understands this, and will help with the process of getting treatment underway.

If you would like to explore things further, please feel free to contact me by telephone or email to discuss your situation, or to set up an preliminary consultation. All communications between us will be treated in complete confidence, and I attempt to respond to all enquiries promptly.

On the following pages you will find further information about psychotherapy, psychoanalysis and my training and clinical experience, together with practical matters such as fees and my contact details. I hope this information may be helpful if you are currently searching for a psychoanalyst, psychotherapist, or counsellor in the City, central London or the West-End.


My location

My consulting room is located in London EC1, and is within easy walking distance of Chancery Lane, Farringdon and Holborn stations. I am also conveniently located for those living or working in areas such as the City of London, the West End, central London, Clerkenwell, Shoreditch, Bloomsbury, Islington, Barbican, Old Street, Moorgate, Mid-Town and Liverpool Street.


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